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Roof framing

Prefabricated framing involves precision planning and manufacturing processes – and in this field, Henderson Timbers has it nailed!

‘Near enough’ is unacceptable when you are fabricating offsite, which is why we enjoy a long-standing relationship with Pryda NZ, whose name is synonymous with precision and excellence in pre-nailed trusses.

Henderson Timbers is a licensed Pryda truss and frame plant, using fully integrated software and production systems that virtually eliminate the potential for human error. 

We deliver completed frames and trusses directly to a building site at the exact time these are required by the project manager. The complex planning, manufacturing and scheduling result in savings of time, labour, and cost, compared with traditional onsite construction methods.   

Pryda Claw Beams

These are engineered timber beams using commonly available timber sizes, mechanically joined to make large sections for long spans. The components are held together by Pryda Claw nail-plates. 

Pryda Flitch Beams

These comprise two timber beams made of commonly available timber sizes that sandwich a 6mm, 8mm or 10mm steel flat. The three layers are joined using a low velocity fastening tool to form a beam capable of longer spans than the traditional timber beam. Suitable for beams and lintels, Pryda Flitch Beams do not need the specialised packing and fixing systems associated with the use of structural steel beams. 

Pryda Roof Trusses

Pre-fabricated timber roof trusses have been used in New Zealand building construction for more than 50 years. Advantages include ease of installation, lower costs, and widespread acceptance by building authorities and certifying engineers. 

Pryda Longreach Trusses

A premium product using nail-plated, all-timber trusses of any depth. Typically these trusses are 300mm deep for residential floors and 400mm for commercial floors. 

PrydaSpan Floor Trusses

These have diagonal lightweight metal webs. Ideal for shallower trusses where there is more clearance room to accommodate the plumbing than with timber webs. Also suitable for trusses where the chord design has some reserve capacity.   


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Henderson Timbers has been my framing supplier for the last 10 years. They know their stuff and they’re the best at what they do.  If you’re fussy about the quality of your frames & trusses, you need to talk with the team at Henderson Timbers.

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